Amanda Rutherford was always a great fan of the British Bulldog and purchased her first dogs in South Africa in 1987. The joy of these "little humans" was undeniable and of course totally addictive. The collection began - from all over the world of all sorts of paraphernalia appeared and every book on the Bulldog was purchased and read several times.

In 1991 the first litter of beautiful bulldog puppies was born from Maggie. Maggie was an excellent mom and of course the puppies were a delight. Needless to say that none of those puppies were sold and enjoyed the run of the house for many years - helping and entertaining several litters of puppies thereafter. Mattbridge Kennels was born.

Amanda began showing the Bulldogs only years later in 2002. Competition was tough in South Africa but great fun was had by all and much was learnt about this wonderful breed.

In early 2007 the family relocated to New Zealand. The Bulldogs, as part of the family,  had to move as well and after their 10 month quarantine period the family was reunited once again.

Once the perfect dog friendly farmlet had been bought the numbers of Bulldogs seemed to creep up and up. It was at this time that the much loved French Bulldogs were purchased. The Frenchies have been a delight within the family and now in the show ring alongside their British Bulldog friends.

Mattbridge Kennels is now home to over 20 Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. These include show dogs, family pets as well as rescued dogs. The dogs have 20 acres of paddocks to play in and explore during daily walks. Facilities are constantly upgraded and currently there is a whelping room, indoor play-pens, outdoor puppy run area and several fully enclosed 'very large play areas on grassed and concrete areas with large sheds and hard standing shade as well as trees for shade and shelter. All dogs are housed indoors at night in a temperature controlled environment. We have a show-ring for show practicing whch is of great use for young puppies learning the ropes of showing as well as practice for the older dogs.

 Amanda is a qualified Animal Behaviourist and is available for consultation.